Battery Park

Battery Park is located at the very tip of Manhattan. Dutch settlers formed New Amsterdam here when they came to the Manhattan Island and the area is now one of the epicenters of New York history. The park is a hub for harbor access as it overlooks the New York harbor and also lays out as a front lawn of the Downtown area. Over four million people visit the park every year and many of them mainly come to see the major landmark, Castle Clinton National Museum. Battery Park, or "The Battery," as the locals call it, serves as a breathing area for more than 50,000 nearby residents, and 280,000 nearby workers.Many events go on in this city haven, such as open air concerts in the summer, and a variety of neighborhood happenings.


Ferry passengers use Castle Clinton as their ticketing hub and more than three million passengers come here every year to get their tickets. Ferries from here take you to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. There are other connections planned, such as the New York State Heritage Area sites, the New Jersey's Liberty State Park, and the National Parks of New York Harbor.


Address: 20 State St
New York, NY 10004

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