MTA Bus System New York City

New York City's bus system, MTA, is very extensive and carriers around 2 million people every single day. There are 200 routes, if not more, and more than 30 express routes. There are over 5,900 buses that run these routes to accomodate the millions of people who travel every day. The buses run on compressed natural gas and clean air diesel, which makes them the cleanest mass transit in the nation. The busiest station for buses is the Port Authority Bus Terminal by Times Square, which is a gateway for commuter buses into New York City. You can use your MetroCard on all buses, or dollar bills and coins. Look out for the fixed-route buses as they don't accept cash money. Lines to and from Times Square are M6, M7, M10, M11, M16, M20, M27, M42, M104.


Quick Facts:

Regular adult fare is $2

All transfers are good for two hours.