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Cleaning Fees

Cleaning Fee Deposits Information

We want your group to have has much fun possible and we will certainly keep to that spirit. We do have to protect our equipment investment to keep our shuttles looking nice for the next group, therefore a $300 cash deposit will be required upon pickup. If your group has not made a significant mess then your cash deposit will be returned to you immediately upon arrival at your final destination. The most we will hold your cash is about 9 hours for same day trips or 24 hours for overnight trips, again it’s just a hold deposit.

  • Excessive garbage
  • Alcohol spills
  • Vomit
  • Property damage to vehicle
  • Any other significant cleaning-related issues than are determined at our discretion

Please have your group be respectful of our equipment and enjoy the ride to keep 100% of your cleaning fee deposit. Sorry, we don’t accept credit card deposits for cleaning fees, they must be paid in cash upon pickup/start of your trip.