Q: Where does the tour start?

A: Time Square on Broadway. Cross Street is 53rd Street, in front of Broadway Theatre.


Q: How does the Statue of Liberty Portion work?

A: On our 9 Hour Main Attractions Tour we get the Reserved Monument/Pedestal Passes to make this the most complete and exciting tour in New York City with a timed reservation.. In 2012 our customers only got to walk around Liberty Island for close-up shots, but now our 2014 customers get to go inside Lady Liberty and go up to the Pedestal, which we are very excited about!!


Q: How does your 911 Museum Work on the NYC Evening Tour?

A: We purchase Museum tickets on your behalf and your Tour Guide will have them with you. The NYC evening tour departs Times Square at 6pm and goes directly to the Museum first to drop off ticket holders at 6:30pm on a timed reservation. You will get 90-minutes in the museum before the bus picks you back up at 8pm with 1 hour remaining on the NYC evening tour. Yes, you will miss some of the evening tour while you are at the musuem, but the benefits outweigh the negatives as you are at the Museum at the best time of day (fewer people) on a timed-reservation. Can't beat it.


Q: Are there stops/walks during your comprehensive tours?

A: Yes, during any of our comprehensive tours, you will have many opportunities to get out and tour certain landmarks. Not everything is in the shuttle.


Q: Do you offer Hotel Pickup?

A: By design we do not offer hotel pickup. Our tour departure location is conveniently located on Broadway Street & 51st Street in Times Square, which is centrally located in Manhattan and to most hotels.


Q: Where should we park our car to catch our tour?

A: Parking is avaiable in many locations close to Broadway and 51st, you will not have to drive long to find a parking garage. The trick is....saving money! We recommend that you park closer to 11th and 12th Avenue and near the 50th street. There are many lots out there. In short, the further away from Broadway the cheaper it is to park. From 11th and 12th Avenues you should plan on a 15-minute walk. Again, you can park in Times Square if you're running late.


Q: How long do you stay at the 911 Memorial and Memorial Pools"?

A: 45 minutes. Note: That our NYC Evening Tour visits the 911 Museum (a $24 value) where you get a quick night-time tour of NYC and timed-reservation ticket into the Museum, a very popular destination in New York City.


Q: How does the Empire State Building Reserve Ticket work?

A: It's the best. One does not realize the internal maze of people that the Empire State Building is once you get inside. It can be chaotic. However, with our Main Attractions tour - - we're cutting all the lines. We're cutting the Picture line, the Exhibit Line and the Elevator Line. When you're ready to're once again cutting the elevator line to get out of there. It's first class treatment. Note: Sometimes when the Empire State Building is slow, there are no lines to actually cut (it happens). We realize the fun is taking out of the line-cutting, but there is nothing we can do about that.


Q: Should I tip the Tour Guide?

A: It's an industry standard to tip your Tour Guide about 10 to 15% of your ticket cost. However, at New York Sprinter Tours, this should only be done for a job well done. Perfection and entertainment is the key.


Q: Any issues with Children on your tours?

A: The only issue is children (5 and under) cannot go on the United Nations Tour which is a premium stop on the 9 Hour Main Attractions Tour. Other than than, kids love our tours.


Q: Which Tour do you recommend?

A: Currently, as of 2014, we have 2 comprehensive sightseeing tours. The 9 Hour Main Attractions Tour is the highest rated bus tour in New York City on TripAdvisor. We must recommend that one. Also consider the 3 hour NYC Evening Tour that visits the 911 Museum entry ticket with a timed reservation.


Q: How do a speak with a live person about your tours?

A: Call us daily at 1-866-991-TOUR (8687). We are open late until 10:30pm ET to take your calls.