Terms and Conditions


Customer Cancelations / Missed Tours:

If you contact us through our AUTOMATED REFUND SYSTEM (atop of your email confirmation) with at least 72 hours notice prior to your tour date then you will receive a 70% refund on our tour types that do not include Statue of Liberty. If you attempt to use our refund system within the 72 hours of your tour date (including just missing the tour) then no refund will be offered by the system or by anyone on our staff. If you wish to change the date or time of your tour (with at least 72 hours written notice prior to your tour date), we will do so for $15 per person change order fee and can also be done through our AUTOMATED SYSTEM. This section does not apply to Statue of Liberty Tour Combos (see next section). Further, even if you have already checked in for the tour with one of our staff members and you decide you need to separate from us for bathroom, coffee or whatever - - the tour is still going to depart on-time without you. Sorry, no refunds for those that separate from the tour or fail to comply with our tour departure times.


No Refunds or date/time changes to Statue of Liberty Combos. Further, all Statue of Liberty Tour Combos are sold as final.

All sales are final with regards to Statue of Liberty Combos. We are unable to change the date and time of those tours as well. Please note that we have no ticket or inventory control on Alcatraz ferry tours, thus there can be no refunds on these combos. Further, we have no control over the hotel booking policies for the Statue of Liberty Ferry.


Cancelations by Us.

On very rare occasions, New York Shuttle Tours must cancel all or part of a tour, including in response to insufficient sales. If we cancel the entire tour, you will receive a full refund. If we cancel a portion of the tour due to weather or other reasons beyond our control, or if you, for any reason whatsoever (including getting lost from the group), do not participate in all or part of the tour, we will not be required to make any refunds. For other partial cancellations, you will receive a refund for the value of the canceled portion, with value to be determined by us in a fair and equitable manner.

No Refunds for lost customers or customers displaced from group during tours.

Our tours make lots of tour stops and thus our tour guides will be giving instructions throughout the tour. Customers are not eligible for any kind of refund for missing the bus or separating from the group for any reason. City/Statue of Liberty Combo Tour customers are also not eligible for a refund for missing the 2nd half of the tour "The Statue of Liberty Portion". Customers who miss the New Your Shuttle Tous in Times Square or anywhere else for any reason must take a taxi to the next stop at their own expense or forfeit their right to complete the tour (with no refunds). Please help us out and listen to all of the instructions presented by your tour guide


Sales Pricing Policy.

Although on rare occassions, New York Shuttle Tours reserves the right to offer sales and pricing discounts on an as needed basis. No price difference refunds will be granted to any prior reservations. However, it should be noted to our customers benefit that we do not participate in daily deal sites or offerings, thus the price you see on our website is most of the time our actual final price.


Tour Interruption.

Although on rare occassions, New York Shuttle Tours assumes no responsibility for delays caused by weather, breakdowns, traffic conditions, accidents and/or other conditions beyond our control.


Policy Changes.

This policy cannot be changed verbally by any representative or employee of Sprinter Tours, LLC. The policy can only be changed in writing. Any promises made by an employee or representaive of New York Shuttle Tours will only be honored if it's in writing.


Credit Card Charge will appear as:

"Shuttle Tours of America". If you dispute the charge because you are not aware of the company name or service prior to contacting us for information about your credit card charge, then we reserve the right to charge a $75 chargeback fee, which we will apply at a later date.



Disputes Related to these policies.

Any disputes related to these policies can only be made in the venue of Superior Court in San Francisco, CA. Any chargeback attempts related to missed tours will be resolved in Superior Court in San Francisco, CA. Purchaser of a New York Shuttle Tours reservation not only agrees to this venue, but also agrees to paying reasonable attorney fees, court costs and interest.